794 Wheeler Street Atlanta, GA 30318

Total Building Size:

100,000 SF

Contiguous spaces:

Range from 1,100 to 27,500

Floor Load Capacity:

Ranges from slab on grade to 50 lb/SF depending on suite.


Each suite has its own, tenant controlled HVAC system.


28 Gated secured parking spaces.  Each tenant recieves a number of access remotes for gate access (number depends on space size) as well as "key fobs" for after hours pedestrian access.  Ample street parking is also available for both tenants and visitors.

Electrical Service:

Electrical service is provided to some suites via a tenant panel and is individually metered. Other spaces are associated with a master panel and electricity is included in the base rent.  Please see the "leasing page" for details"


10' to 15'


Where possible, existing steel windows were retained and repaired to their original condition. At other locations, new energy-efficient aluminum systems were installed. Historic windows which had been filled in were reopened and fitted with new aluminum window systems, and storefront-type door systems were installed for tenant and corridorwindow systems and storefront-type door systems were installed for tenant and corridor access at key points. Sawtooth windows at the Main Building were replaced with new aluminum systems as were those in the clerestory at the Soap Factory.


Multiple signs listing tenant names are located on premises both inside the development and on Wheeler Street.  


Floors are sealed concrete.

Life Safety:

The building is protected with an automatic sprinkler system.


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